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Jak Snow Suede and Leather Protector

Jak Snow Suede and Leather Protector

Protect your suede & nubuck shoes & bags from stains and spills and keep them looking like new.

Magic Spray creates an invisible and breathable coating on your shoes and bags that prevents water damage, repels liquids and oils, prevents dust build up and protects against UV color fading (UV resistant).  It can be used on suede, nubuck, soft leathers, canvas, and other absorbant fabrics.  The amount of spray needed depends on the porousness of the fabric. 

  • 100% Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly (Certified by EU Safety Standards)
  • Invisible coating with no odor or color 
  • Can be sprayed indoors 
  • Provides between six months and one year of protection depending on usage of item (If shoes are worn everyday or washed a lot you may need to reapply at six months) 
  • Size 180 ml (6 fl. ounces) (5 to 6 pairs of size 8 suede shoes)
  • Non-Aerosol
  • Non-Flammable
  • Use with suede, nubuck, soft leathers, canvas, cotton, silk, satin, wool, faux hair and fur and all other absorbent, untreated textiles
  • Water repellent spray