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ALL YOU NEED TO CLEAN AND PROTECT SUEDE.MULTI-FUNCTION BRUSH CLEANS ALL COLOURS OF SUEDE SAFELY.WATERPROOFERHELPS REPEL LIQUIDS & STAINS.SOFT, LINT-FREE CLEANING CLOTH INCLUDED.DIRECTIONS:Step 1: Use multi-function brush to remove dirt, dust and stubborn stains.A. The synthetic bristles are ideal for brushing stains.B. The rubber edging is great for hard-to-reach areas.C. The stain eraser block will remove marks and shiny spots.Step 2: Wipe excess dirt with cloth.Step 3: Protect shoes to keep suedes looking good.Designed in Toronto. 1 x Eco Protect: Made in China.1 x Suede Brush: Made in Germany. 1 x Cloth: Made in Chin