About Us

Shoes are identity, utility, necessity. Shoes are democratic, personal, fashionable, intimate, iconic; you bike, work, walk, drink, dance, sing, create and love in them. Listed among life’s regrets, one never finds: “Bought bitchin’ pair of shoes I love”—but sometimes one finds its opposite. Shoes should not be underestimated. 
We are the fashion-dynamic ladies behind Williamsburg’s Mini Mini Market, and the most established retailers on Bedford Avenue’s shopping heaven. In 1999, armed only with our creative spirits, credit cards, a vision and a cash register from Staples, we opened Mini Mini Market when the only other activities in Williamsburg were to eat a stale bagel at the L Café and get your bike stolen. We’ve seen a lot of other retailers come and go, but we keep pushing forward and are proud to be a neighborhood essential and trend-scouting haunt for name designers.
At Mini Mini Market, we sold shoes–but a shelf wasn’t enough for everything we had in mind. In 2007, we braved the entrepreneurial frontier again and opened our second store: Shoe Market. 
We love to work with established designers and brands, the shoes that infiltrate our psyches, the classics we know like our own skin, like a beloved friend, a good lover, mother, wife or brother, the shoes we wish for, lust and have lusted for, new designers that surprise, remind and move us forward, as well as collaborate to develop our own, unique shoe brands. We curate our tastes and strive to create a store that most people can walk into, find something vibrant and beautiful—but that they can also afford. We are addicted to shopping. It’s good we have stores. 
We take pride in many things: our neighborhood, our instincts, our all around chutzpah for doing it on our own, not to mention our collaborative work environment and our awesome staff. We include them in our buying trips and decision-making. We’re invested in them and they’re invested in us—and, of course, the shoes. It’s all about the shoes. We love that. We hope the result is a store that is as personal as shoes themselves: like skin, friends, lovers, mothers, wives and brothers. 
Get shoes that you can wear. Spend the money. You’ll never regret getting a pair of shoes that you love.
Dana Schwister and Erika Vala, Co-Founders Shoe Market and Mini Mini Market